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    Body Mind Fitness

    Dominique Gauthier

    2374 Main St. London, ON Canada - 519.719.6432

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    Yoga for Core & Pelvic Health

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    Yoga for Mobility & Strength

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    As a Personal Trainer and Registered Yoga Teacher, I work with women, pregnant, and current moms, in particular those who are dealing with Core and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, who are looking for a body-positive, sustainable approach to becoming their strongest selves. Offering both Private and Small Group Classes in London, Ontario and Online to provide a more personalized approach to your health and fitness needs.

    Private Sessions

      Private Coaching

      Expert Trainer for Women of all Ages and Stages Let's Work Together in London, ON

      Starting at$45/session

      In Person or Online:
      Tuesdays, Thursdays
      & Saturdays

      Private Yoga

      I work with Women, Pregnant & Current Moms with a focus on Core & Pelvic Health

      $120/90 min

      Spots Available:
      Tuesdays, Thursdays
      & Saturdays

    Small Group Yoga

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      Today, after two years since opening my studio, I am releasing an updated brand, which includes a name and logo change. You will see this new look on the website, Facebook, Instagram, emails and everywhere out in public.
      “It’s really easy to blame the body for any kind of negative emotion we have… the body is never the problem. We adjust the asana, we don’t blame the body. The asana should be made to fit the student, not the other way around. The body isn’t the problem. Either the prop is the problem or the puzzle, not the body… your body is not a problem, we’re just going to find a different way to do this… I’m going to make this practice work for the body that I’m in; we don’t have to change the body to come to the practice.” - Amber Karnes, The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast.
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