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    Build and reclaim your strength and confidence, by lifting heavy, easing your back pain, and ditching the pad for leak free movement in and out of the gym.
    It all starts with the core + pelvic floor.

    Serving busy women in London (Lambeth), Ontario and surrounding area, and worldwide with LIVE online yoga classes.

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    I work with pregnant, current moms of all ages and stages.


    Finding calm in the chaos. Available Online through Zoom

    While we can't just get rid of all that stress, we can develop strategies to better manage them.

    Personalized Small Group Yoga

    Drop-in space are now available - First class is only $10!
    Registration opens for the Summer Session on June 6th!

    Blog Updates

    How to Kegel: The Right Way

    5 Easy Tips to Do a Kegel... The Right Way!

    New Blog
    What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about pelvic health? Kegels, Kegels, kegels. 100s of them, 1000s of them. And even though today’s article is about ways to do a Kegel properly, it would be completely irresponsible of me if I didn't mention that sometimes Kegels could be doing more harm than good. Many

    4 Breath Techniques to Improve Leaking… Today!

    The Connection between Your Breath & Pelvic Floor in exercise.

    When I share how much your pelvic health can be improved with breath, I'm typically met with an eye roll and a sigh (in no particular order). That probably has a lot to do with the fact that breathing is a natural act that we don't really pay that much attention to. It's not just breathing, it's how you use your breath, especially in the early stages of improving your pelvic health in movement, and a subtle change can create a difference immediately.

    How do I get perfect posture?

    Finding the right alignment to alleviate back pain, incontinence and other pelvic floor concerns.

    I have a love/hate relationship with alignment. On one hand, I’ve seen the impact of posture in terms of back pain, leaking, and tension in the pelvic floor. But I also don’t believe we’re meant to hold any particular position for long periods of time. We’re dynamic, 3-dimensional beings and we’re meant to move in a variety of ways.

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    I help women from all walks of life to build and reclaim their strength and confidence. Providing specialized training to manage and prevent symptoms of Core & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction to lead an active lifestyle with education and a body-positive sustainable approach to becoming their best selves. Offering Personal Training & One-on-One Yoga in person and online, as well as Small Group Classes in Lambeth, London, Ontario to provide a more personalized approach to your health and fitness needs.