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    Body Mind Fitness

    Dominique Gauthier

    2454 Main St. London, ON Canada - 519.719.6432

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    To overcome back/hip pain, prolapse & pant peeing.


    The right fitness and yoga experience customized to you, so you feel strong, confident *and yes, SEXY!* in your own body.

    Sitting at a red light doing your kegels - just like your BFF told you. Frustrated, because you're still leaking when you cough, laugh, jump, or run?? I know, because I've been there. It's not your fault. There's so little education on pelvic floor dysfunction - shhhhh, ladies never speak of such things (where's that sarcasm button??).

    You deserve more than a bandaid solution.

    The right exercise is key to keeping your pelvic floor healthy for life, in other words - no leaking.

    I get it - you're a busy, coffee lovin' mama who's putting everyone else first, and can't find time to take care of yourself.

    Time to ditch the mommy guilt (no matter how old your kids are), because you deserve personal support. Someone who's truly listening and assessing your specific needs. With strategies and education to have an active lifestyle with a body positive, sustainable approach to living your best life. No adult diapers needed.

    Personal Training

    Let's Work Together in Lambeth, London, ON Core + Pelvic Floor Expert


    In Person or Online:
    Got back, hip, pelvic pain? Incontinence? Prolapse?
    I'm your trainer.

    Workplace Wellness

    Back & Hip Pain Specialist Available Online through Zoom


    While we can't just get rid of all that stress, we can develop strategies to better manage them.:

    Private Yoga

    Find the calm in the chaosCore & Pelvic Health Expert


    In Person & Online Options:
    By Appointment Only

    Small Group Yoga

    Online Drop in spaces now available for the current session
    Registration Open's for the next 6 Week Personalized Small Group Yoga Sessions on February 3rd

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    What you need for yoga at home

    9 things you already own you can use for your home practice

    New Blog

    "Start with what you have," one of the best pieces of advice I've ever received. Shout to my Biz Coach!

    Wether you wanna start your home yoga practice, or you really don't have a choice, this is the perfect place to start. Early on as a practicing yogi, I used to avoid props like the plague. I thought using props meant I sucked at yoga. Now, I know better. Props are amazing to help you move through poses with ease, comfort and really creating space to feel the pose, instead of being really uncomfortable. In fact, we use props in every single yoga class I teach.

    Leaving your Comfort Zone

    6 tips to make your first yoga class a little less scary.

    I've been there, wanting to try something new. I was so scared to do the dang thing because I thought I'd look silly, I would have no clue what I'm doing, and everyone would be staring at me. Sound familiar?

    Yup, the gyms are still closed and if Bootcamps make your heart sing, you're in luck my friend, because this city is bursting at the seams with Outdoor Bootcamps galore! Personally, it's not my thing.

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    I help women from all walks of life to build and reclaim their strength and confidence. Providing specialized training to manage and prevent symptoms of Core & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction to lead an active lifestyle with education and a body-positive sustainable approach to becoming their best selves. Offering Personal Training & One-on-One Yoga in person and online, as well as Small Group Classes in Lambeth, London, Ontario to provide a more personalized approach to your health and fitness needs.