Drop in spaces now available, first class is only $10 incl HST

It isn't too late to join the current series,
Registration Opens for the Spring 2024 Series on March 6th.


Personalized Small Group Yoga

Cold feet at the thought of trying yoga? I've got a class for that.

Personalization's Key, and classes here have always been small, with lots of room between mats.

The yoga I offer is a little outside the box. I combine the yoga poses you know, with modern day strength training, and (depending on the class you choose) strategies to manage and prevent core + pelvic floor concerns (like peeing your pants).

Because our class sizes have always been small, every single class is custom made for those in attendance. It's your class and it's planned as such.

Wether you're dealing with injuries (past or present), illness, or physical limitation, I'm by your side to make sure we target your goals giving you a little extra love. That way, you experience the same benefits as everyone else. You really won't get this kind of attention in any other fitness class.

So, how does this all work?

Start by choosing the 1 or 2 classes you’ll attend each week, during our 12 Week Series. These classes will be planned and customized knowing that you will be there, and you get perks!.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we'll have the opportunity to gradually build on, strength, mobility, strategies, and understanding, together and with a community of familiar faces by your side.

Classes are available both in-person in London (Lambeth) Ontario, and worldwide virtually through Zoom. There's space for a maximum of 12 students, but currently only 8 students in studio because, personally I've never been a fan of being sardined into a yoga class.


Registration Perks

Register for the 12 Week Series and qualify for the following perks:

  • A Secured spot in the class(es) that you want to attend weekly, either in person or virtually online.
  • Access to the class recordings available on-demand.
  • A Member Portal which includes class archives, guided meditation, and other fancy bonus content.
  • Access to me via e-mail throughout the entire session.
  • Online students get a 1-1 Check in via Zoom that can be booked anytime during the session. This replaces the opportunity to hang out after class to get a little extra help.
  • 1 Free Pass to Drop in with a Friend (new to studio, one class, one pass per member).
  • Save 10% on Workshops run by Body Mind Fitness (20% when you're registered for 2 classes weekly).
  • Also, Save an additional $2/class and get Unlimited Drop Ins when you signup for 2 Classes a week.
  • $20 studio credit when you refer a friend and they sign up for class series or personal training.
  • Did I mention that every single class is tailor-made, and adjusted as we go, with your specific goals in mind?
Beside the Free Friend Passes, perks cannot be shared with others and can only be used by the registered member. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable

Payment Plans are available for an additional 5% admin and processing fee.
Send me an e-mail mail@bodymindfitness.ca to make arrangements.

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