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Yoga for Mobility & Strength

Small Group Yoga The Yoga Poses you love with the strength training you need

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Yoga for Mobility & Strength
Tue 5:45pm
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Sat 8:45am


The yoga poses you know mixed with the strength movements you need.

Yoga for Mobility & Strength isn’t about striking a pose, it’s about building yoga poses from the inside out by bringing true functional movement patterns into a traditional yoga setting - creating strength and stability in the end range of motion for each student. Combining the poses, alignment, mindfulness and breath work with modern day strength techniques to help cultivate body awareness, challenge limiting beliefs, and ultimately connect to your body on deeper level.


This is not your typical yoga class.

It’s very easy to create shapes with the body without any effort whatsoever. So, you could "strike a pose", but the pose could easily be lacking strength and stablility. When you learn to engage and align your body in various ways, you’re creating greater awareness not just of your body, but how each pose feels within your body. With this awareness you can take control of your practice and realize how small changes to positioning and engagement can change the feel of your entire practice.

I’ll give you a variety of options that you get to choose from in order to match your practice to where you are today. 

Yoga for Mobility & Strength is a 75 minute class.

Body Mind Fitness provides weekly Small Group Classes that are Prenatal and Postnatal Friendly in London (Lambeth), Ontario that run as Pre-Registered Sessions at a discounted price. You are more than welcome to attend on a "drop in" basis when space is available and can reserve your spot online up to 15 minutes before the start of class.  

What is the benefit Small Groups at Body Mind Fitness?
 You’ll receive individualized attention like no other. The more I get to know you, the more I can take your needs and goals into consideration as soon as I start planning the class. If you need clarification, another option, or have a question - ask away during class. Or if you don’t feel comfortable going that route, then send me an email and I will respond within 24 hours.

Did you hear about the bonuses?

  • all classes are available both in person and online, except for mama + babe yoga
  • classes are planned knowing you'll be there
  • Access to the recordings of your registered classes for one week after then end of your series
  • access to the Online Premium Membership which includes class archives, guided meditations, and bonus videos
  • e-mail support throughout the session
  • Sign up 2 series' and get 10% off, free drop ins, access to all class recordings
  • ONLINE BONUS: free 15 minute 1:1 session over Zoom (book your time through Schedulicity)


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