The path to becoming a yoga teacher is truly an incredible journey that delves deep into the heart of your personal practice, offering transformations that extend well beyond mastering poses. With the boom in yoga's popularity, there's been a surge in yoga teacher trainings and certifications. Today, over 100,000 yogis are registered with the Yoga Alliance - a testament to the growing community of dedicated practitioners. While joining the Yoga Alliance is optional, when it came the creation of "Fundamental of Yoga: 200hr Teacher Training" I felt that it was crucial to provide students of my own yoga teacher training with the option to join by having the training approved through Yoga Alliance's New Standards, ensuring you have the freedom to follow wherever your journey leads, knowing you're signing up for an approved training that covers everything you need to know and more.

In today's world, it seems like becoming a yoga teacher is the natural progression for anyone deeply committed to their practice. However it's essential to pause and understand that a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) isn't just for those aspiring to teach. In fact, up to 50% of students enroll into a YTT simply to delve deeper into the essence of yoga beyond what a regular class can offer. One of the biggest misconceptions that I've seen is students believe that one must master every yoga pose, achieving an Instagram-worthy practice before even considering themselves 'ready' for training. This couldn't be further from the truth. A well-structured training program is designed to guide you through everything you need to know, focusing significantly on the philosophical roots of yoga, immersion into pranayama (breath control), meditation, understanding the Chakra system, embodying yoga off the mat and so much more.

Not to mention that facts, that in my training we will be covering over 68 poses and options, giving you everything you need to know to teach students how to move into each and every pose whether you can do that pose or not. But if you're still pondering the thought of enrolling in a YTT, here are 10 signs that Yoga Teacher Training might be calling your name:

"I Can't Do All the Poses"

One of the biggest myths about becoming a yoga teacher is that you need to master every advanced pose. The truth? Most students aren't looking to stand on their heads or twist themselves into a pretzel. Instead, they seek the holistic benefits yoga has to offer, whether it's an injury or pain they're specifically dealing with or overall wellness. What really matters in a solid Hatha yoga teacher training isn't your ability to perform every pose but your understanding of them. Although I can only speak to the specifics of my training, as mentioned above - you'll learn how to guide others through at least 68 poses and options, even poses you find challenging, or can't do. These challenges often make you a better teacher, because you have personal insight into the difficulties faced when learning these poses. Plus, when you embrace yogic philosophy, it teaches you that being 'advanced' in yoga goes way beyond physical abilities, focusing instead on daily practices and mental resilience. So, worry less about touching your toes or perfecting a handstand. Your journey and understanding of yoga already makes you an exceptional teacher.

Yoga Has Been Transformative for You

Whether you were looking to yoga to heal from a physical injury, find peace after a break-up, or navigate through life's toughest moments, your journey brought you to your first class—and it changed everything. This transformative experience is the core reason you're drawn to teach and help others overcome their challenges through yoga. Imagine being renowned for imparting this wisdom and support! This is actually how I became a yoga teacher, I felt something incredible in my 6th yoga class in 5 years that was different... I couldn't explain it. But I left feeling a calm in me that I hadn't felt for years. Even though I was never athletic growing up, I wanted to share that experience with others.

Obtaining your yoga certification isn't just about deepening your practice; it’s about learning to share these life-changing tools with others. Teaching from a place of genuine desire to assist others not only elevates your classes beyond just the physical benefits—it allows your students to access a deeper level of healing and understanding that can't be found through a simple Google search.

Your Life Revolves Around Yoga

Let's face the truth: are you that friend? Answering a phone call with a quick, "I'll call you back - just heading into yoga." Or even when you're headed out on vacation, your suitcase isn't complete without a sports bra and pair of leggings, y'know - just in case. Your car's backseat? Permanently reserved for your yoga mat. And let's not start on the ever-growing tower of yoga books claiming territory in your living room. 

If yoga goes beyond just a hobby to being your place of sanctuary, isn't it time to plunge deeper into its essence than what a mere 60-minute class can offer? Embracing yoga teacher training not only quenches your thirst for knowledge but potentially sets you on a path where your dedication and passion for yoga becomes integral to the journey of other students. You can be that teacher for someone who truly needs the yoga experience you have and are bringing to the mat.

Teaching Doesn't Appeal to You (Yet)

It's a common misconception that yoga teacher training is solely for those planning to teach. The truth? Embracing this journey is perfect even if teaching isn't part of your plan. Delving into training means more than mastering the art of guiding others; it's an enriching exploration of yoga itself. From enhancing your breath control through pranayama techniques, integrating meditation into your daily routine, to navigating the spiritual path outlined by the eight limbs of yoga, this experience is a deep dive into personal growth. And if you read that list, and have no idea what I'm talking about... don't worry, we're going to cover all of that and so much more.

Plus, learning that teaching methodology and how you put together a class isn't just about instructing others—it's a tool for refining your own practice. So, if the idea of teaching has you hesitating, view it instead as investing in your own practice. Whether you eventually share your knowledge in a professional setting, occasionally taking on a class for some extra cash, or casually with loved ones, yoga teacher training equips you for the journey ahead. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your practice and maybe, just maybe, find your teaching voice along the way.

You’re Searching for More

Are you hitting a plateau in your practice, wondering about the deeper benefits of alternate nostril breathing, or struggling to meditate at home without your favourite instructor guiding you to a place of calm? It sounds like you're ready to delve deeper. Yoga teacher training isn't just about mastering poses; it's about igniting a transformation within. It offers comprehensive guidance, answering all your burning questions and providing one-on-one support to enhance your personal journey. Explore the philosophy of yoga, connect with its profound wisdom, and discover the perfect balance between strength and mobility. There's no set timeline to embark on this path—if you've experienced the highs and lows of a committed practice, you're ready to take the next step and elevate your yoga experience.

Craving Change

Yoga teacher training isn't just a class; it's a transformative journey. Ever feel like you're yearning for change but can't quite pinpoint what kind of change or even how to change it? Consider this training your awakening. It's not just about shifting gears; it's about finding your true self, guiding your life to resonate with your deepest aspirations. How does it work? Beyond just yoga postures, anatomy, and physiology—important as they are—yoga teacher training encompasses yoga philosophy, pranayama, and meditation, which are just a few examples of the eight limbs of yoga. This holistic approach not only enlightens your views on yoga but also illuminates your ego and personal barriers, paving a clear path for growth. Shed any preconceived notions of what this change might look like. Embrace the unknown, and let the journey refine you with elegance and resilience.

Seeking a Like-Minded Community

Ever find yourself raving about the wonders of yoga, only to be met with glazed-over stares and polite, yet utterly disinterested grins from friends and family? Imagine, instead, being enveloped in a vibrant community of fellow yoga enthusiasts during a yoga teacher training (YTT). The camaraderie formed here is not just a perk—it's a transformative experience. In YTT, discussions about yoga aren't just tolerated; they're welcomed with open hearts and minds. These connections go beyond the mat, evolving into lifelong friendships with individuals who are just as passionate and committed to the journey of yoga as you are. I still maintain strong friendships with my fellow students in my initial yoga teacher training. Investing in a yoga teacher training means investing in a circle of supporters, cheerleaders, and kindred spirits, who are all walking the path of yoga alongside you.

Ready for Inner Work?

Here's the unspoken truth I wish I knew before my very first yoga teacher training: they're challenging, deeply so. Yoga teacher training isn't just about mastering asanas (poses); it's an inner voyage, delving into both meditation and the healing arts. Yes, the physical practice might leave you a bit sore and weary, but the mental and emotional shifts can be even more profound. As you explore and learn about yourself, you'll encounter what's known as your 'shadow self'—our hidden inner critic, envy, and all those facets we'd rather not admit to having. Facing them head-on in the safe space of yoga teacher training can be unsettling, yet it's incredibly rewarding. Embracing and integrating our shadow selves, yoga teaches us the beauty of our imperfections, encouraging us to accept ourselves wholly, shadows included.

You're Already Teaching... Informally

Let's keep that between us, OK? But deep down, you know you're the yogi of your friend group. Picture this: you're unwinding on a cottage trip, and suddenly, you're leading a serene sunrise yoga session on the beach. You find yourself sharing those go-to poses for relieving aches and pains with friends and co-workers, even pointing them toward the right classes and teachers. You've become the unofficial yoga instructor, occasionally holding free classes. Now, imagine elevating your passion with professional teaching methods, a deep dive into anatomy and physiology, and practical experience to enhance your skills and give you more confidence. It's time to embrace your role fully and ethically.

An Inexplicable Draw

Maybe you can't pinpoint it exactly why, but deep down, you feel a pull towards it. You've been quietly considering yoga teacher training for a while, with your browser history as witness to your curiosity. It's a collection of endless searches, and deep dives into the world of yoga – much like this article you've stumbled upon (and I’m so glad you're here).

In those stolen moments during your day, you're comparing programs, costs, the details about Yoga Alliance, pondering the reality of making a living by teaching yoga, and so much more. All these signs? They're nudges from your intuition, gently but firmly encouraging you to embark on a yoga teacher training journey. It's taken some time for your heart's whispers to be heard over the scepticism of your mind, convincing you that it's more than okay to leap and trust in the process. Our society often teaches us to sideline our intuition for various reasons, but it's crucial to rekindle that connection – especially in yoga, where intuition plays a significant role especially when part way through a class something tells you to veer away from the plan and to teach a specific pose. Those are the moments when a student comes to you after class and thanks you for that pose which helped them - I can't even count the amount of times my intuition led me in the right direction in this way. So, if there's a part of you longing to take this step, it's time to listen to that inner voice and go for it.

If any of these resonate, it's time to join my Yoga Teacher Training "Fundamentals of Yoga: 200hr Teacher Training". This 10-month hybrid journey balances in-person and virtual learning, perfectly fitting into busy schedules. Set to begin September 14, 2024, in London (Lambeth), Ontario, I'm offering flexible payment plans because I truly believe to my core in the transformative power of yoga for everyone. Spaces are limited, so if your heart says yes, it's time to step onto this life-changing path.

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This training is approved by Yoga Alliance's Elevated RYS 200 Standards. Remember, becoming a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) doesn't obligate you to teach. It's an opportunity to expand your practice, meet incredible people, and perhaps find a new direction in life. So, are you ready for an amazing and transformative journey?

With warmth and gratitude,