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yoga isn't enough.

We live in a world with so many conveniences and advancements that make our lives easier.

Makes you wonder if the yoga of 1000 years ago applies to the modern day body.

I would say no.

Pelvic Floor (dys)Function

There's an assumption that Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is something that just happens because we gave birth, or because we are aging. In reality there are a number of factors...

Eat Clean. Read the Labels. Count your Calories. Count your Points. Restrict XYZ. Good Foods. Bad Foods. Organic Foods. Shakes. Supplements. Resets.

Food should not be this hard.

Why I Quit Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is hard - so many things need to line up perfectly for it to come “naturally” and so many of these things are out of our control. 
Today, after two years since opening my studio, I am releasing an updated brand, which includes a name and logo change. You will see this new look on the website, Facebook, Instagram, emails and everywhere out in public.
“It’s really easy to blame the body for any kind of negative emotion we have… the body is never the problem. We adjust the asana, we don’t blame the body. The asana should be made to fit the student, not the other way around. The body isn’t the problem. Either the prop is the problem or the puzzle, not the body… your body is not a problem, we’re just going to find a different way to do this… I’m going to make this practice work for the body that I’m in; we don’t have to change the body to come to the practice.” - Amber Karnes, The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast.

Pelvic Health Dysfunction

It's not just for Moms

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction it isn’t just for Moms: a “coles notes” explanation. 

There is something about talking about “Pelvic Health” that makes people blush, however we owe it to ourselves to normalize the conversation

*This Blog post contains content that can be triggering for some readers.

Exercise never came easy to me.

In another life, I was an actor - health and fitness wasn't my jam. I once said that I would develop an eating disorder before I would ever step foot in a gym, which ended up being more true than I thought it would when I said it.

Flash forward and a career in health and fitness is a running gag in my family.

We all know exercise is good for you, and strength training is particularly beneficial though most people tend to shy away from it. Cardio and Yoga are the lead contenders for types of exercise students choose to participate in, however there are benefits to strength training that go beyond the obvious fat loss and muscle toning.