Yup, the gyms are still closed and if Bootcamps make your heart sing, you're in luck my friend, because this city is bursting at the seams with Outdoor Bootcamps galore!


Personally, it's not my thing.


Even if we've never met before now (Welcome by the way, my name's Dominique), you could take a pretty educated guess that I love fitness and yoga.

But high intensity movements in this Southwestern Ontario humidity is not my idea of fun, and if you're newer to fitness, it might not be yours either.

I get it, we want to put a formal packaging on our fitness activities - go somewhere, do something with the purpose of getting to out #goals , but what if it didn't look... well, so formal. What if you had everything you needed right now.

What if running, jumping around, and all around just moving quickly isn't your jam? Well first things first, we're gonna be BFFs, but more importantly there's more to exercise than the aforementioned, you just need to figure out what's tolerable fun for you - and your journey can start with a walk outside... once the sun starts going down of course.

I can't avoid the pink elephant in the room, we're coming out of being on "lock down," and physical distancing is still a major factor, which makes it hard to just hit your local big box gym and sign up for a membership.

So, what if you're ready now? Do you throw in the towel, because the go-to places are waiting for the a-ok from the government to reopen? I sincerely hope the answer is a resounding "NO", because you can start making goals right here, right now - and I wanna share some "thinking-outside-of-the (big)-box (gyms)" tips to get you setting goals and sticking to them.

Pandemic or not, this still totally applies.


1. Use follow-along workouts

Join an online small group yoga class at your favourite studio *hint hint* you can do so → right here. Find a class that you're excited to do, that you look forward to - however that looks. Warning this may take a little trial and error, but don't chalk it up to a loss if you're not a fan of your that particular class... there are so many out there, and I know there's one with your name written all over it.

Were you doing personal training or private yoga? Use an old program, pick and choose what nourishes your soul - so you finish feeling energized and ready for whatever the day has in store for you.

2. Set new training goals

Even when you have everything you need to go all out at home on your strength training, now might be the perfect time to change your focus. Maybe it's time to focus on techniques that will help you not pee your pants, techniques to manage your prolapse, rehabbing an injury, or starting that daily meditation.

If you need help with some strategies - you can book an online session with me.

3. Reconnect with your old hobbies

What did you love doing as a kid? Before you had kids? 5 or 10 years ago? Would that still bring you joy?

It doesn't have to be movement either - it could be reading books, journalling, art, gardening, going for a walk through your favourite park.

4. Set daily step goals 

To be honest, I usually steer clear of daily step goals - but since you might be stuck inside your home office, maybe this is exactly what you need as a goal. You know your phone will track your steps, yeah? No fancy watches required.

Now, 10,000 steps might not be there way to go. Set something that's achievable with some effort... as in, yeah you can do it, but you need to put a little though into it.

5. Clean

Yes, movement can look like cleaning? Have you gotten rid of those 10 year old jeans yet? It's time to get out some garbage bags and hide those away - then as soon as you can you can load up the car and make a Goodwill trip.

Don't believe me? I've seen cooking and cleaning as "types of fitness" on various apps. True story. 

6. Get outside!

Go for a walk. It doesn't have to be long. Right now earlier in the morning or in the evening might be more ideal when it's hot outside (or really cold if you're winter reading this).

There's no need to feel guilty. There's no need to put added pressure on yourself. 

Consider me a friend, and reach out if you're struggling. Email me.

I'm here for you.