Online Today, In Person Tomorrow Post Lockdown

This page is dedicated to the latest information about the studio as it pertains to COVID-19. Check back often to stay in the loop.

Online Personal Training and Yoga ClassesOntario recently announced the province wide lockdown currently in effect has been extended until May 19th, 2021.

As such and until further notice, all services and classes will be online only.

Our next session of Personalized Small Group Yoga Sessions opens for registration June 2021, but Drop in spaces are currently available for online classes.

"Can I save my spot?"

As of right now, I've opted to offer in-person spots to the students who originally registered for classes in person. Additional spots will be offered to Online Students before being released publicly. Thank you for your understanding.

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to email me at

if you're interested in personal training, private yoga, or corporate yoga classes drop me a line and we can discuss remote options. In person availability will resume once the lockdown period ends. 

When in person classes resume there's space for a maximum of 4 students in studio, because y'know #physicaldistancing. This allows for 3 meters between the mats as per the Middlesex-London Health Unit's mandates prior to lockdown.

Registration for the full session includes:

  • tailored classes planned knowing you'll be there - with options to suit your specific needs and goals
  • access to recordings of your weekly classes until the start of the next session
  • access to the premium membership which includes guided meditations, bonus content, and archived classes - which is a library of recorded classes that continues to grow as more and more live classes are taught!