Big News!

Today, after two years since opening my studio, I am releasing an updated brand, which includes a name and logo change. You will see this new look on the website, Facebook, Instagram, emails and everywhere out in public. 

When I was opened in 2016, I was creating a brand around yoga. I spent a lot of time on deciding the name and what I would like it to represent - a lot of those names were taken. I eventually landed on “Body Mind Yoga” for it’s simplicity and clear messaging about what I teach. I have evolved both personally and as a teacher, and beginning this year brought Personal Training to my offerings. 

I was in denial for a bit - my business has “body” and “mind” in the title, it will be clear that I provide Personal Training - yes, it was a stretch. A few phone calls made that clear to me.

As I was pondering a new name once again, I was sad to be leaving my existing branding behind. In the end I chose to keep much of it. 

Body Mind Fitness is a name that matches what the studio has evolved into since 2016. Although this change might seem slight - it is important to me to make this announcement to my supporters to avoid any confusion going forward.

Body Mind Fitness will still continue to stick to it’s original goal - to help women, pregnant and current moms of all ages to feel good and more at home in their bodies, to feel strong and mobile, and to live their life they way they want to live it. Providing individualized attention through Private and Small Group settings specializing in Core and Pelvic Health.

You can now visit Body Mind Fitness at and get in touch with me at - make sure to add this address to your address book, so you don't miss any of the content coming your way!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns - please feel free to let me know!